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Years of Industry Experience

Mountains Edge Construction understand how homes are built, having in the past performed new home construction. One of the benefits of using Mountains Edge Construction is our deep understanding of proper drainage. In most cases, proper drainage through excavation and grading is the most important achievement followed by the aesthetic of the work. Any construction and landscaping work will have a much longer life cycle if drainage is top of mind when planning a project. Your home is likely the largest investment you will make in your life. Make sure you protect your asset by choosing a company that makes functionality as important as aesthetic appeal. 

Our industry knowledge expands beyond concrete and landscape construction. We have been involved in residential home construction since the mid 90’s allowing us to be educated about the entire home building process. This makes us a very valuable contractor to have working on any home construction project as our familiarity with the tasks supersedes many others in the industry. Often, we can supervise and advice a job better than the project foreman. Our team often catches problems that others have missed, preventing the onset of future issues and ensuring a project’s smooth execution. For years we have done work in newly developed communities. Our knowledge of the stages of building a new home allows us to be very time effective. We can look at a newly built home and know how the build is progressing simply by looking at it. This helps us be prepared and schedule work more accurately and results in fewer delays in the scheduling of contractors. If you want to be confident in spending money on a construction project, make sure to consider Mountains Edge Construction to get the most out of your investment.

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